Price Matching Of Other Websites

Author: Wayne Shelley  

Price Matching on our Website


We read this all the time on other websites selling similar products, and the ones that also sell kitchen sinks, and blenders alongside a range of toys....

We also understand that a lot of people are simply looking for the "best deal"

  • We may not be the cheapest at face value, based just on the price of the product, but then again, it's not always about the cheapest product when you decide to risk your money on the internet. 
  • We ask that before you consider the price, also consider the extra costs of shipping, which may be hidden until you get to the shopping cart (ours are right there on the product page for you to see - and are the cheapest around, especially for international orders)
  • We ask you to look at the other website, and see if it's professional and does not look like a part time business. We have been selling Plush Toys since 2006 as a fulltime venture, growing into the busiest and easiest to use website in Australia.
  • Does the website accept every form of payment available ?  All cards, including AMEX and of course the simplicity of Paypal ? Is the site secure and clearly labelled and verifiable as secure ? We are secured not only by Paypal, but also by EWAY, Australia's largest secure processor of credit card transactions. 
  • How easy is it to contact the owners directly ?  We have phone, online chat, and email as options, you won't wait more than a few hours for a response to your enquiry, even if you live in Moscow! AND, you will be speaking to the owners.
  • Does the other website offer EXPRESS SHIPPING as an option ?  NO ?  It's likely they don't even have the item yet, and are relying on your payment to go and buy the stock to fulfill the order and delay the item arriving to you. We run a real time inventory system updated every 10 seconds with our stock thats here right now. We invest the money to make sure YOU get your items ASAP.     
  • Do you trust the others to ship RIGHT NOW, and to be there for you if there is an issue? Read some reviews on the larger drop shipping sites that promise cheap prices - And... read the very tiny small print at checkout as to items location and possible arrival date. It may make you wonder how they are still in business!
  • Take a look at our testimonials page, filled with real feedback from buyers around the world. 

If you do see something cheaper, including shipping costs, please give us a chance to match or try to beat the price by emailing us with the details of the item and the website that sells it. You never know, we might be able to help.

We do not entertain pricing comparisons from sites like Ebay, Fishpond, The Nile etc, where drop shipping from overseas locations in the guise of "In stock" is prevalent. We suggest reading online reviews before contacting us to match. 

Cheers and happy shopping.

Litsa and Wayne Shelley extends this facility to our customers in good faith but reserves all rights in making a decision to Price Match a product for any reason.