Testimonials of happy buyers

Testimonials for Stuffed With Plush Toys
In 2015,  just on 36% of our sales through our website, were to customers who had purchased from us before.
Below are a few of the comments we have received via email from happy customers around the World. If you have been dazzled by the quality of our items, or our great levels of service, then please let us know and with your permission we will add your testimonial here.

Scooter brindle staffy plush

Hello, Thank you so much for such quality and professionalism. This item was bought for a man in a care facility suffering with dementia. His own pet was a brindle staffie .... and I hoped this plush version would be something to bring a happy memory. I never expected such a gorgeous replica, (which arrived safely and promptly) but also the reaction it caused! It has caused tears in both his carers and visitors alike. From the first moment he saw 'Scooter' he reached out with both arms stroking it and smiling. Since then he sits talking to it and stroking its ears and head gently. Today he even participated in a group music session .... something he stopped doing some months ago. A little something your team played a major part in. So a very big THANK YOU to everyone, from manufacturer's to packers, you certainly helped make someone's life a little better. Well done and Best Wishes, Elizabeth.

Good morning, Just wanted to say thanks for your great service from start to finish.  My daughter was recently in hospital and I had promised her a teddy as a reward for being so brave.  She really wanted the large sloth which her brother was given for his birthday (also from your site), but we couldn’t find it in stock anywhere.  I used the “notify when in stock” service and didn’t expect you to actually get in touch.  But you did!  We were heading out to dinner when the email came through so we bought the sloth on our phone in the cab, how amazing is modern technology!!
It arrived a few days later to a very excited little girl. Then this lovely follow up email with a long term discount and no ongoing email subscription! I love that – if I need to buy a soft toy I know where I will be going so I don’t need a weekly reminder of it.
Thanks and have a great day, Kind regards, Emma

Thank you so much for sending our order so promptly. It was everything we could have asked for. We purchased the Australian made Platypus as a gift for an exchange student who was staying with us. The Platypus now happily resides in Beijing. Once again thank you for a lovely product - Linda

Princess at homeHey Guys, We have a real Westie that our little one loves.
She can now take her own to bed.
Great Stuff,

I purchased a Koala bear for my 35 year old daughter. It was a very important bear. My daughter, Heather, had been given a similar bear from a very nice lady named Olive, who long ago had some affiliation with or partly owned the underwater observatory at Green Island. She became acquainted with my daughter through my father. Miss Olive use to pack my father's parachutes in WW11, and they renewed a friendship later in life. After serving in our Navy here in the States, my daughter was moving and her car was broken into, her duffle stolen, and her precious Koala gone with it. Heather cherished her Pa-Pa and Miss Olive (who died in a car accident when a tourist there in Australia threw a TV set at her car). I couldn't bring them back for her, but thanks to you she has another Koala, and she already adores it! Thank you so much!  Sincerely, Rebecca Asklund

Hi Litsa and Wayne.
Both the toys arrived safe and sound and your parcel tracking was marvellous. Toys arrived in excellent time.The flamingo went to the Blue Mnts for a baby shower and the bear is going to a First birthday TODAY in Adelaide!!!
TOTALLY UNIQUE…..Look fwd to our next purchase….thank you for the fabulous service. Cheers Gary and Keith

Marble Husky Puppy Bocchetta Plush Toys
Thank you so much for the adorable Siberian Husky Marbles.  My granddaughter loves him.  In a spell, we will be back for a Kelpie (we have a Texas Kelpie) and a Dingo and the adorable African dog (if we don't win him!).  Oh, and a wolf, too.  Abreanna loves all manner of dogs -- wild and domesticated.  We support the preservation of all endangered animals worldwide.  Your selection of plush animals is outstanding.  And thank you for the gift of an Australian keychain.  It is on her school backpack. P.S.  Mail service from Australia to Texas was incredibly fast.  We watched it leave Australia, arrive in the U.S., pass through customs in Chicago, and arrive in Round Rock, Marbles' new home, very quickly.

Hello and thank you so much! Santa was very surprised to learn that our 8 year old daughter wanted a plush hammerhead shark for Christmas, but thanks to Stuffed With Plush Toys he delivered once again! This is the 2nd time Santa has ordered a Christmas gift for my daughter from  Stuffed With Plush and received fantastic service both times. Easy ordering process, fast acknowledgement, reasonable postage costs, tracking and the order arrived within 4 working days – and this was about 2 weeks before Christmas! Stuffed With Plush is now the first place I will go for plush toys and I highly recommend them without hesitation. Thanks again so much.Sue

Wild Republic GibbonGood afternoon, My 1 year old daughter absolutely loves all the jungle toys that I have purchased from your company. The sloth was the first toy that she gave hugs to, although her new favourite is the gibbon with his long limbs to grab onto. She cuddles him to sleep in her cot every night. They always arrive super quickly, are packaged well and the prices are consistently below what I expect. I am impressed that I can easily find less common animals on your website. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and mothers at playgroup. Regards, Jacqueline

Plush Toy OctopusDear Stuffed With Plush Toys. Thank you so very much for the excellent buying experience! I was under strict instructions from my seven-year-old son that he wanted a blue-ringed octopus stuffed animal for Christmas. Any octopus would not do! Fortunately, you had one, and you had a swift checkout, and you shipped to the USA! The octopus arrived in great condition and within 10-14 days. I thought it was amazingly fast. Thank you again for helping to make my son's Christmas bright. I fully intend to shop with you again in the future. Merry (early) Christmas from the USA, Heather Morris

Thank you so much for your beautiful plush toys we provided as gifts to the children at our Family Day, with over 100 kids I was worried where I would find someone to supply a bulk load of safari animals in a short time and you absolutely made my, and all the children’s days.Everyone who attended thought they were gorgeous and such great quality. Will DEFINITELY be coming back for next years event. Thankyou! Wendy Cutts

I had a smooth and hassle free transaction with buying these Toys. Communication VIA Email with Litsa fantastic and we exchanged emails at least 4 times, She was so Helpful. Shipping was lightning fast, from Australia to the United States from ordering to delivery 8 days, that can't be beat. Next time I buy a toy it will be from stuffed with plush toys. Thank You Tommy

Hi Wayne and Litsa. Everything was indeed 100 per cent perfect!  And I am more than happy with the service provided.  The quality of the toys (koala, cockatoo and giraffe) was even better than I imagined and the  pricing of your products represents value for money. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you and kind regards, Petra

Dear stuffed with plush, I purchased your life like King Charles cavalier for my father in law who's dementia was rapidly progressing. The look of love on his face and the comfort it brought him brought tears to my eyes. He passed away only a week later with his little dog beside him. I've donated the dog to the Aged Care facility so others may being it from His softness and 'cuddle-ability'. Thankyou for your prompt service and high quality. Liz

Dear Wayne & Litsa. From start to finish the process of my recent purchase from you was simplicity itself. Your website was easy to follow with clear and concise instructions. The product "Zack the possum" is beautiful and exceeded expectations, my husband is delighted with his gift. Kind regards Allyson

Thylacine Plush Toy Cooper

Hi there, the order arrived perfectly! Very glad I decided to go with your shop for my plush purchase. For the past ten years or so, I've been looking for a tasmanian tiger plush. These are nearly impossible to find in the states and the few other shops I had found didn't take paypal.The quality of this plushie blew me away, pictures don't do it any justice. It has the softest little ears and feet and the cutest stripey bum. I just love "Cooper" and can't stop admiring him. I will definitely have to order some of the smaller thylacine plushies on your shop sometime in the near future. Thanks so much! -Tia

Hi,I bought a husky plush dog from you for my 12 year old daughter. It looks so real and it is so soft. We are planning to give it to her for Christmas because she actually wanted a real dog but because we have a cat already and cant really care for a dog we thought we buy her this adorable husky from stuffedwithplushtoys. We even bought a collar for it and a name tag. So thank you very much for saving my daughters Christmas day. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Kind regards, Margareta

Hello! I did receive the plush and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I'm from the states and back in 2008 I visited Australia and bought one of these toys for my nephew. Unfortunately, the dog seemed to enjoy the toy as much as my nephew did, and destroyed it. I wanted to see if I could somehow find a replacement one, and came across your page. Now it's here, it's perfect, and christmas shall be a reunion of sorts. Thanks again! 
Michael G

Staffy Plush Toy DJ Bocchetta I am absolutley thrilled with DJ the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He arrived so quickly, couldn't believe it when he was delivered within a few days as I live in Wales, UK! All my nephew wants from Father Christmas is a toy that looks just like Cesar (my staffy) and he will not be disappointed - I don't know who is more excited for Christmas day, I cannot wait for him to see it!! it is perfect, the attention detail is amazing, the ears are perfect rosebuds, just how a staffy's ears should be.......it's amazing and I love it.....there will be one excited little boy on Christmas day thanks to you....

I recently ordered a very large stuffed cheetah, a pretty big crocodile and two ET’s.  Buying online I never know what to expect regarding size and quality, and I must say that not only did the order arrive quickly, but my goodness, that cheetah is HUGE, and the crocodile isn’t much smaller- they take up half a king-single sized bed each!  All the soft toys are exceptional quality, and the ET’s have become my boys favourite toys.  I would recommend Stuffed With Plush Toys to anyone – great service, great delivery times, and great quality - LISA

Buying the soft toys from you was undoubtedly my best on-line shopping experience. Easy to order and really, really prompt delivery. They toys looked exactly like the photos on your site and I’m really pleased with them. Thanks! Regards, Barbara

I want to start by saying there were 2 mistakes with my order. The first mistake, I alone made. I had been up for many hours trolling the internet trying to find a plush Humpback Whale for my nephew. I had almost given up when I stumbled upon your site and was so excited to find you are an Australian company, your prices are FANTASTIC and the whale is absolutely beautifully detailed. I know my nephew will be over the moon and I'll take the title of favourite Aunty this Christmas Emoji. In my excited/half asleep state..... I accidentally ordered 2 whales instead of one!
The second mistake. I was very impressed with the speedy delivery. However, when the whales got to us, they weren't Humpbacks. We contacted Wayne and Litsa who were extremely apologetic and not only did they send the right whales out within 2 days but they sent me a self addressed envelope AND paid for postage, for me to return the beautiful but unfortunately wrong whales back. I have dealt with companies getting orders wrong in the past and I know how rude and disinterested people can be. I was blown away by the efficiency with which the problem was solved and by the fact that Wayne and Litsa are lovely people who didn't try to give me the run around.
We all make mistakes... especially when it's late at nightEmoji....... It's how we deal with them that matters. I have recommended you guys to ALL my friends and family. I also decided to donate my mistake (the second whale) to St Vinnies Christmas Appeal. That way your beautiful stuffed toys will spread more smiles. Thank you Wayne and Litsa, from MEL

Morning Wayne + Litsa, I stumbled upon your site whilst looking for a plush cassowary - thinking such a thing was impossible, only to find not only did you have them - you had 3 different ones!! From online service and ease of use, payment, delivery and product - everything was perfect and could not have gone smoother. The only problem is that you have SO much cool stuff, such a wide variety, and such good prices - that it's hard not to buy much more than you were planning to! Thank you for existing and being so great at it. My daughter is over the moon with "Cassie" the cassowary, even taking it to school to present as her "news" for the week. - Em

Wombats from Stuffed With Plush Toys

Hi There. Here is our beautiful Wombat to add to my collection. She is by far the loveliest. Fast delivery and well packaged.... Teresa 

Thank You Suffedwithplushtoys, I was very impressed by how quickly my order arrived and I have already recommended you to family & friends. regards Sue

I have bought several items from you over the last year or two and I have always been extremely pleased with the goods and service. I am particularly impressed with the way we can communicate with you if anything goes wrong. Good luck to you.

How did you do? Brilliantly! Our two year old daughter was brought a Minkplush 'Nellie' Koala back from Australia to the UK by an Aunty last year. It is now her most favourite thing in the world and goes everywhere with her. The only trouble is that it was starting to smell a little 'fruity' but we couldnt get it washed and dried within a day to ensure she had it for bedtime. We therefore hatched a plan to buy an identical one from a UK supplier so we could substitute them when one needed a wash. The only problem is that these are only available in Australia. I was therefore expecting to have to spend a fortune and wait an age to get hold of one. However I am very happy to say that quite the opposite happened. Your price was very reasonable, as was the shipping charge and the koala arrived within a week - less than it takes the average UK supplier to get things delivered! I honestly cannot fault you! Feel free to use all or part of this email as a testimonial. Thanks Jonathan

Just wanted to say thank you very much for outstanding delivery service and quality products that I recently purchased,the goods were sent to USA,and arrived well before the scheduled delivery time...if your thinking of buying from this company I am more than happy to give them 100% fully customer satisfaction feedback...any inquiries were handled both by email and via live chat...thanx again to the team at Plush Toys....regards Dave ..Adelaide..Australia.... 

I just wanted to say that yes – everything was 100% PERFECT – congratulations on running an awesome business.  Even though we’re in NZ, the toy arrived really quickly – very impressed with all aspects.  And you’ve made a little girl extremely happy!  Thanks again! Vicky P, NZ

Items were ordered in the UK and delivered to Brisbane the next day.   All my queries were answered promptly and I would not hesitate to buy again.  The toys were absolutely gorgeous and went down a treat.  Many thanks Litsa for a hassle free shopping experience.

Stunningly beautiful lion! He is much admired and adored by everyone. Very quick postage and I would be more than happy to use you again.
Thanks so much. Abby 

Thank you so much for an excellent service and product 'Bruiser' patchwork bear. He arrived here on the other side of the world in 6 days which was amazing and  he wasn't a bit jet lagged !! There isn't a bear like him in the UK I'm sure ! So I am a very happy customer.

Hello Wayne & Litsa. Thank you for your e-mail. The fluffy toys are absolutely fabulous and exactly what we where looking for. The toys will be used for demonstrations for our new kindergarten incursion venture and we wanted quality for that and quality is what we got!! They are all native Australian animals which is exactly what we needed. We are glad we found you and so are our kids, who are "testing" the toys, before we use them in the kindergartens. The delivery was very quick and the whole ordering process was very efficient. The fact that you follow up with a survey is testimony to how the customer is valued by you and we appreciate that. Kind regards, Kerstin

 Hi there,  Thanks for your email. Just wanted to thank you so much for both the quality of your toys and your fantastic support throughout all the issues we faced with the post! At all points you took ownership (although none of the problems were caused by you) and worked really hard to help track down items, keep me informed, and get the toys to me. By the way, the toys are fabulous - of the highest quality - and our nursery looks spectacular. I used to run an award winning customer service team and I'd have been proud if they'd shown the same level of care that you did. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and will be buying more toys from you for our son as he grows up. Many thanks, Lucy - UK

Toffee Himalayan Cat Bocchetta
HI Wayne & Litsa just writing to let you know I am delighted with the Himalayan cat ordered from you.  I was surprised how fast it arrived, given that I am in Ireland.  The quality of the toy speaks for itself, my 3 year old is so in love with her 'Nookie' - she squeezed him so hard she fell over! (This is great 'cos she can't squeeze the live Nookie :) )
Thanks for the great service and wish you all the bestevery success in building your business. Best regards Theresa

Hi Wayne & Litsa I was very pleased with my golly (Pappy) and with your prompt service It took just over a week to get here. I have ordered another one from you (Bessie) and she's on her way to me now. These were both birthday presents as I have a nice collection of Gollies and have room for more so I will be in touch. Kind regards Christine  - Redditch U.K.

Orazio Blue Heeler Plush Toy Bocchetta

Hi there, We ordered a new dog “Orazio” for Mum (99yrs old), and she loves it. We Hoped it would arrive in time for Mothers day, and it did. We where advised of dispatch on the Monday with a delivery of five to 31 days. “Oz” was at our door on the Friday and Sunday was Mothers day. Couldn’t have been more perfect. To have seen Mums face on Mothers day, It just lit up like Christmas. “Orazio” has been nick named “OZ” by mum and they are inseparable.  Thanks a heap and for making Mums day really special. We look forward to getting more deals in future and wish you all the best of luck for the future. Pat, Jo and Mary James. Kiwis NZ.

Your service was fantastic, friendly and fast. My daughter loves her super soft pink puppy which came from the "Dummy Fairy". We named her Abby and my daughter asks for her if she gets lost in the cot in the middle of the night...then straight back to sleep. Made the new bedtime routine run smoothly.  Regards, Marilyn Slattery

Thanks so much for the speedy arrival of “Oscar”. He fits in so well on our bed and our two Jack Russells love to lie next to him.
Thanks and regards, Raewyn and Brian Ross.

Dear Wayne and Litsa, We have bought several stuffed toys from you and they have been absolutely delightful. They were even better than the photos on your website. The quality was excellent and they were sooooo cute! Our grandchildren adore them. Your delivery service and parcel tracking was very efficient and we have absolute confidence in buying from you in the future. Kind regards, Jane Fisher

I bought “ Reynard” the Plush Fox for my Mum who is in a Nursing Home for Mothers Day.She Absolutely Loves him. And he is so Real Like.I got this for Mum as her Last name is “Foxe” and Dads name was ‘Ray”. Thank you so much and Delivery was Excellent.

Nellie Koala Stuffed Animal
Hi, I was very pleasantly surprised with the polite and attentive service I received from your staff.
My preferred option for payment was to pay with PayPal and this no problem. Other sites I tried would not Allow PayPal payment. I bought 2 Nellie Koala toys (your price was the best price on the internet) and they arrived the day after I made payment. Thank you for your assistance with this matter." Chris - Sydney

Dear Stuffedwithplush. I had a perfect buying experience. I ordered from the UK and received my item in a week! Very pleased with the quality of Violet the Himalayan cat. I am constantly admiring her and often feel she will move at any minute!  I love her blue eyes and haughty expression. She is also exactly the right size for a cat and in good proportion too. I think she is very good value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to order from this seller again. First rate service and first rate product. Thanks so much!  :) 

Hi, Love all the animals I have bought for my grandson.  The best I have seen on the market as far as being authentic looking while still being very cute.  I shall be back for more in the future. Thanks W

And..... we literally have thousands more that we have not had time to put here........... Why not join the thousands of happy toy owners that we have looked after with speedy delivery and great service since 2006 ?