Orangutan Plush & Soft Toy Stuffed Animals

Orangutan Soft Plush Toys and stuffed animals. If you are looking for the best brands and the finest quality in these toys, then have a good look through this range, and check out our great shipping rates, and our no quibble guarantee on every product we sell. We are Australia's number one online retailer for these plush and stuffed toys, and we have been shipping internationally now since 2006 to over 40 countries.

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Author: Wayne   Date Posted: 12 April 2014  

We are supporting Jonah over at Jonah's Forest Friends a local lad who with the help of his hard working mum LJ is building a campaign to save Orangutans and to cut the use of Palm Oil. Jonah is 10 years old and has been passionate about forests since a very young age which then developed into Orangutans over a year ago. He has been fighting the palm oil battle on his own for a long time, stopping people (politely) in supermarkets when he sees them buying something he knows has palm oil in it and tells peopl...