Badger Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys

It's quite rare to find Badger stuffed animals and plush toys online. It's not that they are not loved by many, but it's the fact that people rarely see them in daylight. Badgers are a northern hemisphere animal, living underground in burrows and generally foraging for food at night. The main characters in a few famous childrens books, like "The Wind in the Willows", they are generally protrayed as old and wise in the stories. When I think of badgers, I picture a large slow fat fellow waddling along snuffling the ground for food, but apparently they can sprint along at close to 25 KM/hr for short periods of time. Recently made famous on the Web by the "honey badger", we have found more and more people hunting for a stuffed badger toy, to adopt and add to their plush toy zoos. Whlst we don't have a large collection, we know that what we do have represents value and quality and is sourced from the best manufacturers worldwide. As with all of our soft toys, our badger plushies, are covered by our 100 day easy return policy. 

Badger Soft Plush Toy Small Ganz Webkinz
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Badger Soft Plush Toy Small Ganz Webkinz

Measures 10 inch / 25cm Long