Wholesale Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys Australia

Wholesale Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys Australia


Stuffed With Plush Toys™ started off strictly as an online retailer. We have now grown into one of the largest sellers of stuffed animals and soft plush toys in Australia, with a large worldwide reach and by a variety of different channels. We now have opportunities to sell at discounts to businesses like yours across a range of products and brands.

Most businesses that approach us, don’t want to limit themselves to minumum orders of $500+ from one importer or brand, but would like the opportunity to buy a wide variety of items to around the same value, but from a range of different brands (we were exactly the same when we started 10+ years ago). This is especially true if you are testing the waters in the world of plush toys….. You just don’t know the good from the bad or what will sell in your own marketplace.


Other bulk buy scenarios that we have provided solutions for include:

  • Schools buying props for Book Week
  • Conference organisers looking for themed giveaways and bag fillers
  • Parents looking for giveaways for themed birthday parties
  • Trade Show giveaways for companies with animal logos
  • Regional tourism centres looking for Australian themed merchandise to sell
  • Tour operators wanting specific animal toys relating to their industry
  • TV and film studio props
  • Australian consulates needing gifts for dignitaries or trade expos
  • The possibilities are endless...... 


We can help you.

With our buying power, we have the opportunity to offer other retailers willing to spend $500 or more with us per order (plus extremely cheap or free shipping options within Australia) the chance to choose from over 1700+ different items..... no one else can do this for you. We know, we tried it over and over on our way to where we are now!


We can also help in the choice of items, as we have over 10 years experience in Plush & Stuffed Animals - We never have items that sit around for six months and don't sell - EVER - This comes from experience and knowing the market intimately.


If you are still interested… This is how we move forward.


  1. Get a cup of coffee, or, a glass of wine or beer, and spend some time looking at the massive range of 1700+ individual items that we make available to the market right here on our website.

  2. Drill down the categories or brands, and note the SKU number (In the item specifications on the product page) and how many you would like of an item. Note that the retail price on our website does not include shipping to the public (minimum $7.95 for first item), so the prices we quote you will be discounted below the publics final price when you buy in bulk, allowing a reasonable retail margin.

  3. Correlate the order into an email to send to us at THIS email address.

  4. Please include your business name, ABN and delivery address so we can work out the absolute cheapest way to get your items too you. Also note if the order needs to fit a strict time frame, then we will work even faster for you.


We will look at the order, find out delivery times to complete (if for some reason we don’t have the stock here), and get back to you within 48 hours with an affordable written quotation which will include shipping and GST, so you won't have any nasty suprises.

You can then simply say, YES or NO...... YES makes us happy, NO means we probably need to work harder!

If you say yes, we start work on your order immediately and try to work within the delivery dates on the quotation. All orders must be paid for 50% up front upon confirmation of your order by either Paypal, Credit Card ( we even accept AMEX) or bank transfer.

Once your order is picked, packed and ready to ship. We will contact you for the balance. Upon despatch we send shipping details and a tracking number for your consignment. We will then follow up with a phone call or email to make sure everything is 100% perfect.

If you are interested in joining over 100+ other retailers who we have helped, or have any questions about any of our items, then simply call us on 1300 786 345, or EMAIL US and we promise to reply faster than you can say..... "WOW, this is a great way to start our business selling plush toys !"


We are waiting to hear from you.


Wayne and Litsa Shelley


Wayne and Litsa Shelley - Owners of Stuffed With Plush Toys™